Elan Valley and Aberystwyth Coach Trip on 25th April 2015


Elan Valley and Aberystwyth Coach Trip on 25th April 2015. 

We set off early in the morning and made our way to the Elan Valley.  A Ranger took us on a guided tour of the dams and reservoirs and told us the history of the making of the dams. These are all Victorian structures and at one time the workers had their own village in the valley so they were ready for an early start each day.   The views are spectacular, over 70 square miles of water and land make up the estate tucked under the Cambrian Mountains.  We were able to go under the last dam, Pen - y - Gareg, which was built in 1903.
From there we went on to Aberystwyth for a fairly short stay but some of us were able to catch the museum just before it closed.  It is housed in an old theatre and was really quaint.  Then back to the Elan Valley for tea before heading off home.
Thanks to Anita for organising a very interesting trip.



Aberystwyth Museum
Aberystwyth Museum in the Theatre
Going under the dam
Information 1903

Information Board

Just a bit chilly!
Leading in to the tunnel

Lovely views over the Dam to the Cambrian Mountains

Overlooking the dam
The central tower