Cycle ride with Glen and Mandy

Cycle ride Wednesday July 25th 2012
Glen and Mandy organised the first cycle ride on Wednesday July 25th starting at The Admiral Rodney Berrow Green. Mandy led the shorter ride and glen the longer ride.

We had 12 cyclists and the 2 rides met up at Wichenford Dovecote where John Perkes found the geocache. We cycled back to the pub where others Sytch members were watching Faithful City morris men. The weather was good.
Sue organised the second ride from The Old Bull, Inkberrow. 14 cyclists set out,sheltered briefly due to a shower and then continued in the sun. A rainbow appeared. This was the day Bradley Wiggins won gold and we had to have a photo with the sign. Back to the pub to meet more Sytch members and see 2 morris groups dancing.